As evidenced by over 30 years of development history, trust-worthy Korean CAD, CADian!

Custom CAD Development

We are currently engaged in developing customized CAD solutions for our clients through contract development services.

CADian Inc. leverages a broad understanding of engineering technologies, ranging from mechanical/mold to architecture/civil/GIS, and plant/electrical/facility sectors, to undertake the development of tailored CAD solutions required in various industries. With years of experience in CAD engine and solution development, we offer flexible responses to meet customer demands and provide optimal customized solutions for their business success, drawing upon our excellent capabilities and creativity.

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CADian Inc. specializes in solving complex and challenging problems effectively through CAD solution contract development, providing innovative results beyond expectations for our clients.

Currently, CADian Inc. not only develops CAD engines and various application programs but also offers tailored contract development services according to the needs of clients, including PDM/PLM software development, CAD drawing viewer development, 3D modelers, Slicer development, etc. Our services extend beyond Korean global companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai, Hanwha, LG, SK, to world-renowned corporations like DHL, Electrolux, and others, supplying CAD solutions. Now, CADian Inc. aims to lead innovation in the design field through CAD solutions!

What makes CADian Inc.’s service development special?

Over 30 years of accumulated experience and know-how.
CADian Inc. has been focusing on CAD engine development and specialized application program development for each industry in the domestic CAD industry for over 30 years. Based on this deep understanding derived from years of experience and know-how in various domestic industries, we provide solutions that meet the diverse requirements of domestic industries and the needs of our customers.
Possessing various service development cases
CADian Inc. has always been pondering solutions to problems that cannot be solved solely by CAD engines among the various issues faced by customers. As a result of such deliberations, we have developed numerous solutions, including Samsung Electronics' system air conditioner-related solution, KT Telecop's method security service-related solution, and a 3D viewer for patent design examination at the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Through this experience, we provide solutions that effectively address the diverse problems faced by our customers.

Business Areas

  • CAD engine development
    Developing a CAD engine with outstanding performance and accuracy based on advanced technology and professional expertise through continuous research and development.
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  • AI Solution Development
    Realizing automation of design processes through the development of AAD (AI Aided Design) new technologies, providing various AI-based functions.
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  • Application Development
    Providing solutions that meet the demands of industrial sites through the development of innovative CAD applications applicable to various industrial fields.
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  • Engineering Solution Development
    Providing innovative solutions and services that lead the digitization of the architectural, civil, and engineering fields by developing advanced technology and solutions.
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