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ESG Sustainability

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, combining the initials of these three non-financial core values aimed at achieving sustainability in corporate management. As the value of companies is no longer solely based on financial metrics such as profit generation and business expansion, societal interest in ESG management is growing. CADian Inc. is at the forefront of ESG management as a leading small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), striving to establish and implement strategies for ESG management to realize a sustainable future and pursue happiness and co-prosperity for all stakeholders.

  • Environment
    Efforts as an
    eco-friendly company
  • Social
    Continual social
    contribution activities
  • Governance
    Realization of transparent
    and ethical management

Efforts as an eco-friendly company

CADian develops and supplies various CAD solutions for drawing simulations, contributing to product manufacturing, engineering, architecture, etc. Efforts are made to minimize pollutants and waste generated in all stages of industrial activities and to obtain ISO 14001 certification, an international environmental standard. We are dedicated to ongoing efforts to reduce environmental issues.

Contributing to carbon zero & Promoting Eco-Friendly Campaigns

Contribution to Carbon zero and Promotion of Eco-Friendly Campaigns
Minimizing environmental pollutant emissions
  • Carbon emissions reduction across various industries through design optimization
  • Minimization of industrial waste through improved defect rates via drawing simulations.
Efforts for energy efficiency improvement
  • Campaign for turning off lights during non-working hours such as lunch breaks and rest times.
  • Continuous maintenance of power-saving mode settings and active use of low-power, high-efficiency electronic products.
Waste reduction activities promotion
  • Campaign to discourage the use of disposable items such as individual cups and tumblers, and single use straws.
  • Reduction of shredded paper through active use of electronic documents and double-sided printing

Continuous social contribution activities

CADian has fostered software talent targeting low-income individuals and unmarried mothers through CAD education. They continue various social contribution activities such as donations to coal banks and sponsorship of Korean Disability Village, and recently, they have been supporting our society and neighbors in need through continuous donations to the Community Chest of Korea (Sharing Nobel Company). Through these activities, CADian is taking the lead in creating a world where everyone can pursue a happy life.

Continuous Social Contribution Activities

Joining the 'Chest of Korea' program as a 'Sharing Esteemed Company'.
CADian, joining the "Sharing Fruit of Love" as the first member of the new year in 2023, contributing to the activation of a sharing culture.

CADian joined the "Sharing Fruit of Love" program on January 3, 2023, as the first member of the new year. The "Sharing Fruit of Love" program is a high-donation program in which companies donate more than 100 million won or commit to donate within three years through the Community Chest of Korea.

"We want to contribute even a little to providing equal educational opportunities and nurturing talents for all future generations."
Park Seung-hoon, CEO of (CADian)

CADian is a CAD program development company with 32 years of experience in developing domestic CAD, CADian. In June 2022, it participated in a donation campaign for future software talent development targeting low-income individuals, initiated by the Korea Software Industry Association, leveraging its technology and know-how accumulated through the development of CAD programs. It has also provided CAD program education for unmarried mothers to support their employment.

Starting with the donation for the "Sharing Fruit of Love" to address educational disparities, CADian will continue its efforts to become a company that contributes to the sustainable growth of our society.

Other social contributions records of CADian.

Joined the 'Sharing Esteemed Company' program of the Social Welfare Community Chest (Fruit of Love).
Participated in the donation campaign for low-income children under the 'Fostering Future Software Talents' program by the Korea Software Industry Association.
2017. ~
Annual donations to charcoal factories.
Annual sponsorship of the Korean Village for the Disabled.
As a member of the Korean Peace Volunteer Corps, donations and education on software to 9 Korean-Chinese institutions in Yanbian.
Donation of CAD programs to Seoul National University.
Donation of 3D CAD software to vocational schools.
Donation of CAD software to 20 vocational schools.
Provided CAD education and job placement assistance to unmarried mothers at social welfare facilities (Esther's House).
Donated CAD programs worth 125 billion won to 330 vocational high schools nationwide.
Donated CAD programs worth 22 billion won to technical colleges.
Donated CAD programs worth 80 million won to the architectural community in flood-affected areas of Gyeonggi Province (Paju, Pocheon, Yeoncheon, Dongducheon).

Realization of Transparent Ethical Management.

CADian established the ESG Committee on December 6, 2022, to achieve transparent ethical management. This committee will pursue sustainable development based on the economic, social, and environmental responsibilities of the company by formulating ESG strategies and action plans for sustainable management, enhancing shareholder value, and protecting the global environment.

Realizing Ethical Management

Realization of Transparent Ethical Management

CADian, through its ESG Committee,

Practices the following ethical guidelines to fulfill its social responsibilities of sustainable management, enhancing shareholder value, and preserving the global environment.

  • We respect human rights and strictly adhere to laws and ethics.
  • We combat corruption and maintain transparency and fairness through a transparent governance structure.
  • We fulfill our responsibilities as important members of society through environmentally friendly management and social contributions.
  • We promote harmony between generations and pursue the happiness and mutual prosperity of all stakeholders.

General Provisions

I. Scope of Application This Code of Ethics applies to all employees within the company.
II. Inspection CADian conducts regular self-inspections regarding compliance with the Code of Ethics. In cases where the criteria for applying the code are ambiguous, the opinion of the ESG Committee may be sought, and improvements may be made.
III. Reporting Violations and Whistleblowing All stakeholders, including employees and shareholders, subject to the Code of Ethics must promptly report any violations to the ESG Committee. Those who engage in actions or decisions that violate the Code of Ethics may be subject to investigation and sanctions according to company regulations.

Furthermore, anyone may report unethical or corrupt acts, and the company prohibits any retaliation or discrimination against whistleblowers based on their reporting. Confidentiality regarding the identity of whistleblowers and the content of their reports is guaranteed.

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