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Development of AI Solutions

We aim to build a more innovative design environment

CADian is continuously conducting research and development to provide various AI-based functionalities and automate the design process through the development of AAD (AI Aided Design) technology, which complements CAD engines with AI technology. Through this effort, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers and create a more innovative design environment.

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CADian Inc. is leading the CAD industry by revolutionizing it through the development of AI solutions, particularly AAD (AI Aided Design), and creating new value.

As part of diversifying its business to transform the traditional design and engineering industry, CADian Inc. is developing AI solutions. Recently, it has developed solutions like CADian Inc. TWArch CAD, which converts old hand-drawn images of the core section of traditional wooden structures, known as 'gongpogae' (roof load-bearing structures), into 2D and 3D digital files based on advanced object detection technology. This effort involves utilizing vectorization and deep learning technologies for digital transformation of paper drawings, automatic quantity estimation and accumulation, automated drawing design, and more to lead the AAD (AI Aided Design) new market. CADian Inc. is dedicated to continuous efforts in this direction. Implementing AI-based automated design and innovating global design technology will be led by Korean CAD solutions like CADian Inc..

What makes CADian Inc.'s AI solution special?

Developed the world's first AI CAD solution
CADian Inc. has always strived to find solutions to various problems faced by customers that cannot be solved solely with CAD engines. As a result of such efforts, we have developed numerous solutions, including Samsung Electronics' system air conditioner-related solution, KT Telecop's method security service-related solution, and a 3D viewer for patent design examination for the Korean Intellectual Property Office, based on their specific needs. Leveraging this experience, we provide solutions that effectively address the diverse range of problems our customers encounter.
Conventional solutions vs AI-based solutions.
Unlike traditional solutions that rely on rules defined by humans through programming to solve problems, AI-based solutions enable machines to autonomously discover patterns from data when provided with data. Subsequently, these AI-based solutions use the discovered patterns as criteria to find answers for new incoming data. These AI-based solutions demonstrate excellent performance in solving various problems across industries.

Business Areas

  • CAD engine development
    Developing a CAD engine with outstanding performance and accuracy based on advanced technology and professional expertise through continuous research and development.
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  • Application Development
    Providing solutions that meet the demands of industrial sites through the development of innovative CAD applications applicable to various industrial fields.
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  • Engineering Solution Development
    Providing innovative solutions and services that lead the digitization of the architectural, civil, and engineering fields by developing advanced technology and solutions.
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  • CAD Solution Contract Development
    Leveraging years of accumulated expertise and creativity to provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of customers for business success.
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